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Test of Intel's X25 Flash SSD (PDF 29 KB)
A closer examination of the "real-world" performance capabilities of SSD Flash drives, illustrating the effects of high-volume transactions and the inherent “wearleveling” that Flash disks incorporate to prolong their inevitable chip degradation.
Comparison of Drive Technologies for High-Transaction Databases (PDF 129 KB)
Cost and performance tradeoffs between hard drives, flash-based Solid-State Disks (SSDs), and DRAM-based SSDs are discussed
Using Real-Time I/O Signature Analysis to Identify Performance Improvement Options for Database Applications (PDF 239 KB)
Introducing the concept of measuring an application’s I/O signature with existing UNIX or Microsoft tools to easily determine whether upgrading the server or the storage will provide the bigger benefit
Impact of Solid-State Disk on High-Transaction Rate Databases (PDF 118 KB)
SSDs are the ideal way to increase performance and lower costs in high transaction rate database systems
Berkeley DB and Solid Data (PDF 54 KB)
Sleepycat Software and Solid Data joint white paper
Speed and Persistence for Real-Time Transactions (PDF 355 KB)
TimesTen and Solid Data joint white paper
Transaction Processing With General-Purpose Servers (PDF 189 KB)
File Caching Delivers Real-Time Transaction and Messaging Performance
Solid-State Disks: The Right Products for Boosting Performance in Tough Times (PDF 197 KB)
Lower prices and higher capacities make SSDs a match for many choked and throttled applications
Solid Data Systems: File Caching to Multiply Storage and System Performance (PDF 18 KB)
Aberdeen Group Impact Report
Solid Data Applications & Benchmark Profile (PDF 36 KB)
Sun Network Storage Launch. June 14, 2000
Best Practices White Paper, Sybase (PDF 28 KB)
Maximizing Performance through Solid-State File Caching
SAN Cache: SSD In The SAN (PDF 189 KB)
Using Solid-State Disks in SANs
Best Practices White Paper, Sendmail (PDF 69 KB)
Scaling Performance through Solid-State File Caching
Turbocharging Disk Storage System Performance
Aberdeen Group Impact Report

Application Briefs

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Telecom Application Brief
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Telecom Application Brief
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Telecom Application Brief
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Financial Services Application Brief
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