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Scalable Capacity

Speed and Persistence
Solid Data StorageSPIRE delivers data at extremely high data rates, with access time less than 10 microseconds. To do this, StorageSPIRE stores the data on custom, error correcting memory arrays that incorporate Solid Data's third-generation Zero Latency Transfer (ZLT) architecture. This executes the data-handling processes in hardware state machines, eliminating microprocessor overhead. The ZLT architecture delivers extremely fast response times for transaction, database and messaging applications. At the same time, the high-bandwidth data paths and multiple Fibre Channel connections support resource sharing at high speeds in server clusters and SANs.

Along with its memory-based access speed, StorageSPIRE provides the persistence of disk storage by incorporating a Patented Data Retention Systemô. Each of the internal SSDs in the array include dual, fully redundant UPS battery back-up systems and an embedded disk drive for data recovery, as well as intelligent backup control logic which prevents unnecessary backups during brief power outages.

Powerful Remote Management
Remote Monitoring and Reporting (RMR) allows richer information and connectivity management by networkenabling the Solid Data StorageSPIRE array and proactively reporting system health via Web interface or Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

Robust Data Protection and Availability
For the protection of business-critical data, Solid Data StorageSPIRE incorporates multiple levels of data protection, including:

Easy Installation and Operation
StorageSPIRE provides industry-standard Fibre Channel connections. No special device drives are required. Installation is fast and easy; StorageSPIRE can be implemented as part of a new platform deployment or to increase the transaction performance of an existing system. Migration of high-transaction data sets to StorageSPIRE is straight-forward as there is no need to re-engineer applications or make extensive changes to business processes.

LUN Management

Error Detection and Correction Code (EDAC)

Regulatory Approvals

Software Tools